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Supernovae > SN 2014A in NGC 5054

Supernova name:SN 2014A Type:IIP Magnitude at discovery:16.4
Date of discovery:January 1, 2014 Discoverers:Kim, Zheng et al. (LOSS)
Host galaxy:NGC 5054 Coordinates:RA: 13h 16m 59.36s        Dec:-16° 37' 57.0"
From Greenwich, United Kingdom, Supernova 2014A rises at 16:41, transits at 21:12 (altitude: 21.9°) and sets at 01:47 (all times in UTC).

This finder chart for Supernova SN 2014A is generated using information from the IAU Recent Supernovae List. Please see our credits section for additional acknowledgements about other catalogues and surveys used to generate this chart.