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Bright Comets

This page provides a comprehensive list of the bright comets currently visible in the sky. This list is updated with new information several times per day. Comets for which there is data from recent observations reported in the Comet Observation database (COBS) are listed first, in order of decreasing brightness. When data from recent observations is not available, the magnitude provided by the JPL Horizons datasets is used as an estimation of the brightness.

Credits for comet observation data: COBS Comet Observation Database – CC BY-NA-SA 4.0

Visibility from selected location
visibility = visible to the naked eye
stars = binocular, brighter than 10th magnitude
launcher_assistant_on Current altitude ≥ 30°   launcher_assistant_on Current altitude < 30°   launcher_assistant_on Below the horizon
 From: Greenwich, United Kingdom edit_location_alt

55P/Tempel-Tuttle   launcher_assistant_on

Magnitude: 46.0 (Predicted - JPL) trending_up
RA: 15h 08m 48s   Decl: -15° 58’ 05”
in Libra

27P/Crommelin   launcher_assistant_on

Magnitude: 53.6 (Predicted - JPL) trending_flat
RA: 17h 29m 36s   Decl: -16° 32’ 23”
in Ophiucus

205P/Giacobini   launcher_assistant_on

Magnitude: N.A.
RA: 06h 53m 53s   Decl: +10° 54’ 57”
in Monoceros
5D/Brorsen (Lost)

5D/Brorsen (Lost)   launcher_assistant_on

Magnitude: N.A. trending_down
RA: 14h 14m 32s   Decl: +16° 10’ 29”
in Bootes
C/1910 A1 (Great January Comet)

C/1910 A1 (Great January Comet)   launcher_assistant_on

Magnitude: N.A.
RA: 20h 04m 30s   Decl: +06° 50’ 16”
in Aquila
C/1927 X1 (Skjellerup-Maristany)

C/1927 X1 (Skjellerup-Maristany)   launcher_assistant_on

Magnitude: N.A.
RA: 17h 08m 53s   Decl: -66° 01’ 33”
in Ara
C/1956 R1 (Arend-Roland)

C/1956 R1 (Arend-Roland)   launcher_assistant_on

Magnitude: N.A.
RA: 03h 59m 48s   Decl: +68° 40’ 05”
in Camelopardalis
C/1948 V1 (Eclipse comet)

C/1948 V1 (Eclipse comet)   launcher_assistant_on

Magnitude: N.A.
RA: 08h 43m 03s   Decl: -05° 01’ 42”
in Hydra
C/1965 S1 (Ikeya-Seki)

C/1965 S1 (Ikeya-Seki)   launcher_assistant_on

Magnitude: N.A.
RA: 06h 45m 00s   Decl: -11° 36’ 03”
in Canis Majoris
C/2012 S1 (ISON)

C/2012 S1 (ISON)   launcher_assistant_on

Magnitude: N.A.
RA: 07h 18m 57s   Decl: +37° 02’ 51”
in Auriga
C/1947 X1-A (Southern Comet)

C/1947 X1-A (Southern Comet)   launcher_assistant_on

Magnitude: N.A.
RA: 21h 50m 38s   Decl: -04° 14’ 49”
in Aquarius
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