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Deep sky objects in Vulpecula - Full list

The table below is a complete list of all the 24 deep sky objects belonging to the Messier, New General Catalogue (NGC) and Index Catalogue (IC) catalogues that are present in the Vulpecula constellation. Click on each row to view the object complete details.

Name Type Magnitude (B)
Cl399 (Brocchi's Cluster) Association of Stars 3.6 (V)
NGC 6940 Open Cluster 6.3 (V)
NGC 6823 Star Cluster + Nebula 7.1 (V)
Messier 27 (Dumbbell Nebula) Planetary Nebula 7.4 (V)
NGC 6830 Open Cluster 7.9 (V)
NGC 6802 Open Cluster 8.8 (V)
IC 4955 Nebula 12.98 (B)
NGC 7052 Galaxy 13.09 (V)
IC 1299 Open Cluster 14 (B)
NGC 6882 Open Cluster 14.1 (V)
NGC 6921 Galaxy 15 (B)
NGC 6820 Nebula 15 (B)
NGC 6800 Open Cluster N/A
NGC 6813 Planetary Nebula N/A
NGC 6815 Association of Stars N/A
NGC 6793 Open Cluster N/A
NGC 6827 Open Cluster N/A
IC 4954 HII Ionized region N/A
NGC 6904 Open Cluster N/A
NGC 6938 Open Cluster N/A
IC 1314 Association of Stars N/A
IC 1307 Association of Stars N/A