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public LocationGreenwich, UK
Sunrise: 5:00 
Transit: 13:04 
Sunset: 21:07
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φ Ursae Majoris (phi Ursae Majoris)

Above the horizon.  Circumpolar today
Alt: 47.12°   Az: 56.29°   Direction: East-North-East

φ Ursae Majoris is a double sub-giant star of spectral class A3 in the constellation of Ursa Major.

φ Ursae Majoris visual magnitude is 4.59. Because of its moderate brightness, φ Ursae Majoris is easily visible to the naked eye from locations with dark skies, while it might be barely visible, or not visible at all, from light-polluted skies.

φ Ursae Majoris is situated north of the celestial equator, as such, it is more easily visible from the northern hemisphere.

Image of φ Ursae Majoris (phi Ursae Majoris) star
DSS2 image of φ Ursae Majoris. The red arrow shows the motion of φ Ursae Majoris during the next 10000 years (-0.67 arcmin in Right Ascension and 3.50 arcmin in declination);

Celestial Coordinates


09h 53m 45s
+53° 56’ 53”
19h 03m 27s
04h 57m 12s


09h 52m 06s
+54° 03’ 51”

Galactic Coordinates


Finder Chart

Finder chart φ Ursae Majoris (phi Ursae Majoris) star
Simplified finder chart for φ Ursae Majoris (phi Ursae Majoris).

Magnitude, Color, Spectral Class



The red dot in the diagram below shows where φ Ursae Majoris is situated in the Hertzsprung–Russell diagram.

HR Diagram
H-R diagram showing the position of φ Ursae Majoris. Attribution: Richard Powell / CC BY-SA

Star System Properties

φ Ursae Majoris is a visual double star which can be observed only with the help of very large telescopes. The table below shows key information about the φ Ursae Majoris double sysyem:

0.3 arcsec

Distance, Radial Speed, Proper Motion

φ Ursae Majoris is distant 436.41 light years from the Sun and it is moving towards the Sun at the speed of 12 kilometers per second.

133.87 pc
436.41 ly
-12 km/s
-0.004 arcsec/y
0.021 "/y

Alternative Designations

φ Ursae Majoris
(phi Ursae Majoris)
30 Ursae Majoris

Visibility from Your Location

φ Ursae Majoris (phi Ursae Majoris) is circumpolar and transits at 14:18 UTC (altitude: 87.5°)