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Bright stars in Ursa Minor - Full list

The table below lists all the stars in the Ursa Minor constellation which are brighter than magnitude 6.5 (approximate). The list includes 42 stars. Click on each star to see more details about it.

HR Number(*) Star designation Proper name Visual magnitude Color Notes
HR424 α Ursae Minoris Polaris 2.02 Variable; Multiple;
HR5563 β Ursae Minoris Kochab 2.08 Variable; Double;
HR5735 γ Ursae Minoris Pherkad 3.05 Variable;
HR6322 ε Ursae Minoris 4.23 Variable; Double;
HR5430 5 Ursae Minoris 4.25 Variable; Multiple;
HR5903 ζ Ursae Minoris 4.32 Variable;
HR6789 δ Ursae Minoris Yildun 4.36
HR5589 4.6 Variable;
HR5321 4 Ursae Minoris 4.82
HR6116 η Ursae Minoris 4.95 Double;
HR5826 θ Ursae Minoris 4.96
HR5714 11 Ursae Minoris 5.02
HR5691 5.13
HR5334 5.24 Variable;
HR6079 19 Ursae Minoris 5.48
HR5139 5.5
HR6173 5.56
HR6034 5.56
HR5844 5.62
HR5596 5.64
HR6529 5.72
HR5073 5.79 Variable; Double;
HR6811 24 Ursae Minoris 5.79
HR5184 5.91
HR6267 5.98 Multiple;
HR6088 5.98
HR5629 6.13
HR5672 6.17
HR6379 6.21 Variable;
HR5479 6.26
HR4686 6.28
HR4950 6.31 Multiple;
HR6238 6.32
HR4683 6.33
HR6191 6.34
HR7394 λ Ursae Minoris 6.38 Double;
HR6082 20 Ursae Minoris 6.39
HR5305 3 Ursae Minoris 6.45
HR286 6.46
HR5693 6.51
HR5829 6.58 Multiple;
HR5003 6.59

(*) HR stands for Harvard Revised Bright Star Catalogue, which is also known as the Yale Catalogue of Bright Stars.