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Bright stars in Crux - Full list

The table below lists all the stars in the Crux constellation which are brighter than magnitude 6.5 (approximate). The list includes 48 stars. Click on each star to see more details about it.

HR Number(*) Star designation Proper name Visual magnitude Color Notes
HR4853 β Crucis Mimosa 1.25 Variable; Multiple;
HR4730 α1 Crucis Acrux 1.33 Multiple;
HR4763 γ Crucis Gacrux 1.63 Variable; Multiple;
HR4731 α2 Crucis 1.73 Multiple;
HR4656 δ Crucis Imai 2.8 Variable;
HR4700 ε Crucis Ginan 3.59 Variable;
HR4898 μ1 Crucis 4.03 Double;
HR4679 ζ Crucis 4.04 Double;
HR4616 η Crucis 4.15 Double;
HR4599 θ1 Crucis 4.33 Double;
HR4897 λ Crucis 4.62 Variable;
HR4848 4.65 Double;
HR4842 ι Crucis 4.69 Double;
HR4603 θ2 Crucis 4.72 Variable;
HR4729 4.86 Multiple;
HR4823 4.93 Variable;
HR4899 μ2 Crucis 5.17 Variable; Double;
HR4830 5.31 Variable;
HR4908 5.32 Variable; Double;
HR4706 5.39 Variable;
HR4576 5.44 Variable;
HR4768 5.48 Variable;
HR4739 5.5 Variable;
HR4573 5.57 Variable;
HR4578 5.61
HR4876 5.72 Variable;
HR4887 5.76 Variable;
HR4754 5.8
HR4890 κ Crucis 5.9
HR4644 5.92
HR4702 5.92
HR4771 5.95
HR4607 5.96
HR4736 6
HR4834 6
HR4744 6.04
HR4832 6.08
HR4634 6.08
HR4749 6.15 Multiple;
HR4592 6.16
HR4622 6.22
HR4653 6.22
HR4790 6.22
HR4747 6.22
HR4835 6.4 Multiple;
HR4764 γ Crucis 6.42 Multiple;
HR4895 6.58 Variable;
HR4868 6.75

(*) HR stands for Harvard Revised Bright Star Catalogue, which is also known as the Yale Catalogue of Bright Stars.